Saturday, 3 March 2012

How to use extra aeroplan miles before they expire

Some People are'nt aware that there aeroplan miles expire after 7 years.
Aeroplan Canada plans to issue consumer alerts on its website in 2011 to notify members that thousands of their reward miles are in danger of expiring within three years.

In the past, Aeroplan members have been able to take as many years as they wished to diligently save up for their dream trips on Air Canada or one of its Star Alliance partners, knowing their points would never expire.
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Looking for a way to use them up before they expire? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Aeroplan has just launched a new on-line Digital Media Store, where you can use your accumulated miles to download digital content in the form of music, audio books, eBooks, apps and more and even Facebook credits.
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Check out aeroplans new digital media store ...

Or donate them to someone ;)

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  1. Extra Aeroplan miles are helping youth in Canada. Please contribute extra or expiring Aeroplan miles to Rotary Athabasca Youth Development Association at