Monday, 8 October 2012


I Found this marked on top of a tub of Nestle JAM PACKED ROLO


PIN  --------->      PXKTC6RLTLC

Good Luck for the First Person to Claim .... 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Aeroplan Gold Card 20,000 bonus Miles on Sign up

If you have a small business or not this could be a great way to rack up alot of miles. I'm Considering  getting one and charging  everything to my card, Gass, Groceries , Car Insureance , Telephone, Internet. This Could add up Quick.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Like Aeroplan on Facebook to win 300,000 miles

Aeroplan has a up and away contest going on right now if you click the like button on Facebook you get entered in a chance to win up to 300,000 miles.ENTER HERE

Where would you go with 300,000 miles?

I live in southern Ontario myself, I'm not much of a beach person but the wife and kid are so I suppose a tropical island would have to make the list. I'm more of a site seer so I think I would start by flying west, visiting Alberta and traveling over the mountains  by rental car. Old faithful in Yellowstone Park would be near the top of my list. A geyser that goes off almost by clock about every 91 minutes is an amazing  natural phenomenon. Id probably make my way  down to Las Vegas and try my luck out there as well. While I was there Id rent a helicopter and fly over the grand canyon.. Then Id have to hit Mexico and see the annual migration of the monarch butterflies . My daughter and I have been amazed by this natural spectacle since early childhood. While I was in Mexico I would have to see the Mayan temples  . 

There are so many great things to see in the world and 300,000 miles would only go so far. I'm not a rich man by any means but every once and a while i get a couple extra bucks from Google when people click on my adds. Maybe i should start saving them up instead.

Where would you go ?